Testing with the TMap Suite

TMap is a household name in testing since 1995. The continuous improvement of the method has now led to the development of the TMap Suite. The TMap Suite consists of the following items:

  • The New Approach: TMap HD - Human Driven. A quality driven test approach for modern, agile organizations. This is described in the novel “Neil’s Quest for Quality”.
  • The new tmap.net website. This new website contains the building blocks of TMap. These can be used to build your own testing method.
  • TMap NEXT is a test method for traditional organizations that use traditional, process based development methods such as waterfall.

How can this site help me?

tmap.net is a knowledge base, a repository for all testing knowledge. This will start with the introduction and continuously increase and develop as testing and quality develop. We will add a community platform for this as well, to be able to gather all relevant testing knowledge.

Feel free to use the testing knowledge on this site to attack testing and quality challenges in your own organization.

Any additions

Do you have any additions to the tmap.net website? Do you have a challenge that is unsolved? Do you have a solution that you think others can benefit from as well? Feel free to contact us!